The architectural complex that houses the Royal Colleges constitutes the most important set of buildings of the Catalan Renaissance. In the 16th century, the city underwent a period of cultural and humanistic creativity and economic and social prosperity.

Its original function was to educate the Moors and, later, the children of underprivileged families. The complex is made up of three buildings with unique and extraordinary doorways that share the same architectural scheme.

The doorway of the upper college leads to a monumental square courtyard surrounded by a three-storey, Italian-inspired building. The iconographic and monumental nature of the complex is indisputable; of particular note is the decorative frieze that is sculptured with effigies and shields of the royal marriages of the Crown of Aragon and serves as the second gallery parapet. The only original element that has been preserved in the lower college is the doorway.

The doorway on the right corresponds to the church, which opens at the side to the last bays of a single nave without a transept. For decades it served as the headquarters of the Tortosa Museum Archive and houses the old half-size entrance to the former Casa de la Ciudad and the remarkable 1574 cupboard that contains the documental archive. Today, it is home to the Renaissance Interpretation Centre and features a display case for the Renaissance Festival, which is celebrated annually in the city and recreates the city’s golden age in the 16th century.


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