From the Ebro Delta to Terra Alta

Round trip. It is about 147 km. The former Tortosa slaughterhouse is the starting and end point of the route. The first part of the route is flat because it goes around the Ebro Delta. In the second part the incline to reach Prat de Comte and Bot is steep. Then it goes down Gandesa and through Coll de Som to Tortosa.

Leave Tortosa and take C-42 to l'Aldea. Take the former N-340 to enter l'Aldea and head to Ligallo and Deltebre. Cross the pont del Passador (Passador bridge) to go to Sant Jaume d'Enveja and Amposta.

Once in Amposta take the road to La Galera and Santa Bàrbara to Vinallop and Tortosa.
Continue on C-12 to Aldover and Xerta and turn off the road and head to Prat de Comte. Once you go through Prat de Comte turn right to go up Bot sierra taking Els Espills road and go down to Bot. Turn right and head to Gandesa.
After going up towards Gandesa, go down to Pinell de Brai and Benifallet going over the Ebro river. Go up Coll de Som and go down to Tortosa going through Tivenys and Bítem.