Tortosa, city of the Renaissance. Cultivate the art of living!

Tortosa has a special charm that makes it unic: its streets, its people, the historical and artistic heritage, the landscapes surrounding it, the Ebro river, the events held, the festivals, the gastronomy that offers, the commercial offer that has... Come and enjoy it!

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Tortosa Cathedral and the permanent exhibition

The Cathedral is perhaps the building that best reflects the passing of time and how this has...

The Museum of Tortosa, historical and archaeological of Terres de l'Ebre

Tortosa Museum is located in the old municipal slaughterhouse. It is a modernist bu...

Suda or Sant Joan castle

This is cultural heritage of national interest and an impressive architectural testimony of the

The Royal Schools and the Renaissance Interpretation Centre

Founded by Charles V for the education of the Moors, are one of the best examples o...

The Prince’s Gardens, Santiago de Santiago’s Outdoor Sculpture Museum

THE PRINCE'S GARDENS On 10 April 1989, Tortosa City Council approved the proposa...

Holy Week Interpretation Center

The  Holy Week Interpretation Center, Centre d'Interpretació de la Setman...