Els Ports Natural Park

Ravines, torrents, cliffs, paths, tracks and mountain passes with breathtaking chromatic beauty are interspersed with packed forests and plains featuring lush foliage.

Els Ports, or simply lo Port as the locals call it, is a mountainous massif that is part of the Catalan pre-coastal mountain range, located right on the administrative border between Tarragona, Teruel and Castellón. It is a crossroads where the close ties between the different towns enhance the richness of the natural values and the exceptional bio-geographical interest. It has been categorized as a natural park since 2001 and has an area of ​​more than 35,000 Ha.

The highest peak in the entire massif is Mont Caro, with an elevation of 1,447 metres, and faces Tortosa and the Ebro valley. This mountain, denominated Mons Sacer by Aviè in the IV Century, is the people’s Mount Olympus, and its presence majestically dominates the final stretch of the Ebro valley. It serves as a backdrop to the Delta itself and, illuminated by the sun, it absorbs colour tones as if it were an Impressionist painting. When it appears against the horizon at dusk, with its unusual combination of light and shadow, it attracts everyone’s attention and becomes the region’s landmark.

Botany enthusiasts, zoology devotees, ethnology aficionados, geology experts and hydrography specialists find a thousand and one excuses to take any one of the hundreds of possible routes. The alluring and wild terrain, at times tortuous and labyrinthine, makes this an incomparable setting and the perfect destination for lovers of nature-related activities and sports who can indulge in hiking, cycling, climbing, potholing or canyoning, since it offers a wide range of services.

Els Ports reflects a harmonious and perfect combination of charming villages steeped in history, art and tradition, with spectacular landscapes, rich flora and fauna and a cuisine bursting with aromas and flavours.

Finally, it must be taken into account that the Natural Park is a protected space in which biodiversity and the different existing uses and properties must be preserved.

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