D.O. Terra Alta

The land of the Grenache

The DO Terra Alta is the star denomination of origin of the Terres de l'Ebre

The most westerly wine-growing area in Catalonia is located between the River Ebro and the lands of Matarranya county, where vineyards have been planted and wine has been made as far back as the Templar Knights in the 12th and 13th Centuries.

The Terra Alta region is ideal for growing a healthy, mature vine with character, using an approach to viticulture that respects the environment and producing a grape with its own identity. In the county there are around 1,250 wine-growers with vineyards covering around 5,800 hectares, with varieties including grenache, macabeu, parellada and cinsaut. Grenache is the most characteristic variety of DO Terra Alta, whether it be white, red or ‘hairy’. The county produces 33% of the world’s total grenache production.

The wine-growing tradition in the Terra Alta region goes back to time immemorial. The lives of the region’s people are influenced by the cycles of the vineyards and, during harvest-time, the towns’ street smell of grape must. The region has a great deal of its own identity, with a family heritage of vineyards and wine cellars historically associated to a cooperative approach. In the 1990s, the region underwent a period of modernization and professionalization, enabling it to become one of today’s most prestigious Catalan designation of origin areas, producing impressive wines with character, aromas and nuances, and often a high level of alcohol. As the centre of this region, Tortosa tirelessly promotes its wines on its restaurant menus and by offering a range of wine-tasting experiences.

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