There’s a popular saying in Catalonia: “mes content que un gínjol*” (“happier than a jujube”), and that’s what we want our guests to be. And that’s why we’re offering our house that is designed with care and attention to detail, located in a traditional olive farm in the Serra del Boix, a stone’s throw away from the Ebro Delta. Relaxation, harmony and comfort in contact with nature.

*fruit of Ziziphus jujuba, colourful tree known too as Chinese date.

El Gínjol is a three story detached house spread over 110m2 situated on a 1,5ha olive farm. It’s been designed to offer you the maximum comfort possible and consists of fully equiped kitchen, dining room, living room with a fireplace, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, attic with terrace and a spacious porch with barbecue where to cook a delicious paella with rice grown in the Ebro Delta, among other local delicacies.

In terms of the decoration of the house and its performance we are firmly committed to respecting the environment and being sustainable. Much of the interior design integrates recycled, refurbished or “recovered” furniture and materials. The house is largely self-sufficient, as we use photovoltaic energy for electricity, thermosolar energy for hot water, biomass for heating, energy-efficient appliances, we collect rainwater and also recycle gray water; all in order to provide a comfortable, modern, cosy and sustainable space to ensure our guests are “happier than a Gínjol”!

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