In a land full of contrasts, like Terres de l'Ebre is, Enblau helps you finding out your custom-made adventure. Let's discover how l'Ebre and its surrounding mountains are much more interesting and magical from the inside. Walk on the same roads than the Ibers did, get into the same landscapes that held the Ebre's Battle attack and let yourself go by the same water that have seen the efforts and sacrifices of the llaguters.

We offer you the possibility to discover all this and so much more during guided hikes in Serra de Cavalls, Pàndols, Cardó, Boix... in case that you like to walk. These are all hikes custom-made for you and your people.

However, if you prefer the water, the canoes will be your allies. Different kinds of the Ebre's river sections are within your reach, during outings that can last from one hour to the whole weekend.

If you can't decide, there's no problem at all! You can combine it in order to take two or more activities! Eblau is committed to your enjoyment during its adventures, without agglomerations, only you and your people!