Leaving from Tortosa, on the water, you pass under the Pont del Mil·lenari bridge, giving a reminder of Tortosa’s extensive history. With a medium flow, the River Ebro ostensibly loses the force of its current from Miravet onwards, so the duration of this stage down to Amposta basically depends on our state of fitness. Key features of this route between the two county capitals include the arrival at the capital of Montsià and its emblematic Pont Penjant suspension bridge.


  • Adults: €25   Low season and non-guided tour : €20

  • Children under 14 y.o: €20 ; Low season and non-guided tour:  €15

  • Children under  8 y.o for free;

  • High Season: 15 jun to 15 sept. Low: 16 sept to 14 june

  • Great discounts from 10 people or larger groups.


  • Briefing into technical, security and touristic;

  • Choice of single kayaks , double, triple or quadruple if you have children.

  • Vests and paddles.

  • Graduate and expert guides accompanying throughout the route.

  • Transportation back to the starting point .

  • Insurance and permits to operate.

  • And an amazing experience suitable for all