We will meet in the Plaça de l’Àbsis de la Catedral to begin our route along the new Passeig de les Cultures, commenting on the different sculptures of historical figures made by the artist from Roquetes Ignasi Blanch.

We will arrive at the Castell de la Suda, an impressive Andalusian architectural testimony that contains the only open-air Arab cemetery in all of Catalonia, currently the Parador de Turismo. The Arabs, in the time of Abd-al-Rahman III, turned it into an Alcazaba and it was a royal residence since James I.

The castle occupies the central hill of the old city. Of enormous strategic importance, the fortification, you can see a spectacular panorama of the city and the region, being a magnificent viewpoint of Tortosa.

There we will have a rice liqueur tasting .

We will continue on the other side of Passeig de Ronda to finish on the façade of the Cathedral.