The Tortosa - Illa dels Bous canoeing route is an authentic and authentic emotion that we can only find on this small island of Tortosa, located in the heart of the Baix Ebre.
A brief and intense stage that combines the views of the most emblematic monuments of Tortosa with an island that, by its inhabitants, the oxen, is unique throughout the course of the river.
The island of the Bulls is small and beautiful, vegetated by giant trees, watered by the river that gives them strength. Full of green and humid meadows, with paths and paths through which free, ferocious, black devils, fugitive and fearful of man's danger travel: the oxen.
Virgin island and wild animals enclosed in a precious cage, with fresh water barrels and winged watchers in a small, fragile and vulnerable world and in a prison called Freedom.
Authentic emotions remember life and go to this island and watch the bulls run.

From 4 years