On the Xerta-Tortosa canoe route you can observe the result of river geodynamics over time and a very representative sample of natural river systems. We are taught the extraordinary wealth of riverbank vegetation, with good fragments of mall and excellent tamarigals.
They are geographically isolated biotopes, with a great variety of environments and riverside vegetation, with permanent water currents that allow the refuge of fauna of remarkable interest, where the presence of birds very difficult to find in other places stands out. They are also spaces of great importance in times of breeding and migration.
In Tortosa, millenary capital of Terres de l'Ebre, or that we were a whole day we could visit and contemplate all the monumental jewels that this city hides us: the Cathedral, palaces and mansions, paintings and altarpieces, chapels and convents, cloisters, churches, fish markets, portals and gardens… It would be done at night and after day, going around and around, imagining and dreaming like Tortosa was.