The church of the Roser is one of the best-known silhouettes beside the river, as well as offering a general panorama of the town.

This church, on the right bank of the river beside the Estat [State] bridge, was built by Joan Abril i Guanyabéns in 1910, in an uncommon Neo-Romanesque style. Rebuilt in 1940 after being damaged during the Spanish Civil War, the bell tower dominates the building, though the original was even taller and slimmer. The rather uninspired restoration not only shortened the bell tower, but also rendered the outside walls, substantially changing its original appearance.

A curious fact is that until the first decade of the 20th century the former church of the Roser, with its Baroque doorway, stood on the other side of the river, just where its access ramp is located. Surviving historical pictures show how different the west-facing waterfront of the town was.