Located about three kilometers from Tortosa, near the district of Sant Llàtzer and before reaching Soldevila i Campredó, it is settled where the Petja tower had already existed, the center of a disseminated area of agricultural habitat and ancient tradition. Destroyed during the War of Independence, part of the factory is attached to the neighboring buildings of the hermitage, which harmed it by being widened.

The priest Guerau de Montbrú, ardiaca of Culla, founded the sanctuary on April 12 in 1378. He arranged the construction of the chapel on the flank of his house, next to the tower. However, he founded a benefit for the priest who attended her.
The hermitage was named after Santa Maria de la Petja, according to the wishes of Guerau de Montbrú, and it was the parish church and commune of Campredó and Sant Llàtzer. Nearby are the remains of the cross of the Petja, from the 12th century.

The arms that appear in the capitals of the Gothic door are the same as those of the sepulchral laud of the canon Pons de Guàrdia (+ 1334), in the cloister of the Headquarters. La Mare de Deu de la Petja or dels Àngels is celebrated on the 2nd of August.

Photo: Deosringas (Wikipedia)