The Jew’s Gate, also known as the Iron Gate, is a secondary entrance to the town located beside the Call, or Jewish ghetto, right in the middle of the surviving walls. It linked the ghetto to the Jewish cemetery outside the walls, just in front of it. It was also known as Salvaigües (literally, Escape Waters), because it was used in the event of emergencies caused by the river bursting its banks and making the usual route through the Vimpeçol gate impassable.

It was built at the same time as the wall in this sector. All the evidence is that it was rebuilt in the 15th century. In mediaeval documents it appears under the name of Portal del Ferre (Iron Gate), perhaps because of its metal reinforcement. The gates themselves were coated in iron, and after the expulsion of the Jews these gates were given to the Master of the Order of Montesa by King Ferdinand II, to be used for the church in the fortress of Sant Jordi d’Alfama.