Departing from the Old Slaughterhouse in Tortosa, currently the Tourism Office, take the Rambla de Felip Pedrell and turn left, continue in the direction of the the Estat Bridge. Before reaching the bridge, turn left and continue in the direction of Carrer de Montcada and Carrer de la Providència. Once there, we follow Camí del Barranc del Rastre which quickly goes uphill. At the roundabout, turn left, where we find the Xalet Arasa.

We start a gentle but continuous climb here, passing the hermitage of Montserrat, Potra de Pino mountain and Tortosa Tennis Club, before a steeper climb towards  the hermitage of Mig Camí. After a few more climbs, we pass the Cement Factory and we soon arrive at the hermitage of Coll de l'Alba, which offers stunning views of the Ebro valley and Delta.

From Coll de l'Alba we continue towards the turbines of the wind farm, Alentar and the turbines at Povet de l'Amorós.

This route is more technical because of the descent alog the Cave Trail of the Rubí (2,5 km long) and then the climb towards Rubí, Mare de Déu de la Roca and Torreta de Remolins.

Distance: after about 27 km

Start and Finish point: Old Slaughterhouse in Tortosa (Tourism Office)