We leave the Old Slaughterhouse in Tortosa and head towards Verge de la Roca and Costa de Rubí, ending at the Xeco pool, where we join up with the lower part of the Rubí route. From there we head up to Montaspre and we descend, following the path of the same name.



We climb further to the reach the Aljub de Cabellera trail. We continue up the Masets trail before going down the route of the same name (a route with jumps and cambered bends). Going down the trail from Boinaca, we reach Santa Rosa.


From there, passing through farms and arriving in the town of Bítem, we continue in the direction of the cemetery. Taking the path ahead of us, we cross the canal and turn left onto the T-301 towards Tortosa, passing the Chapel of the Kings (Capella dels Reis) before returning to the starting point.

Distance: Approximately 35 km
Physical level: high
Technical level: high
Incline/decline: 1,150m incline
Starting and finishing point: The Old Slaughterhouse in Tortosa