Action under the ERDF Operational Programme 2014/2020 AXIS-6 «Dertosa-Turtuxa-Tortosa: a city, three names and 2000 years»

Tortosa LEVEL_0 is the most ambitious action under the ERDF Operational Programme. The project aims to restore the surroundings of the Cathedral of Santa Maria through the covering, the restoration and the musealisation of the archaelogical remains located at the subsoil from the river front of the cathedral.

The project resolves two urban development problems. On the one hand, in the aim of covering the site, a square- viewpoint will be built in front of the river and will connect to Plaça de l’Absis. In this way, the entire perimeter of the cathedral will be unified under the same criterion and will ensure the urban continuity of this location. On the other hand, the fact of opening the cathedral to the river front , will allow us to ensure the topographical transition between the Suda Castle and the Ebro river which will culminate in this viewpoint.

The archaelogical discoveries are the main axis of the action Tortosa Level_0. The excavations resulting from the demolition of the buildings that were located in front of the cathedral have brought to light elements of great patrimonial importance: part of the ancient roman wall, the apse of a late-antiquity cult bulduing, a garum factory and elements related to the river gates in the city. The musealisation of these remains enables the history of the city to be transmitted almost from its beginnigngs, highlighting, in all cases, the great weight that has always been the presence of the Ebre in the development of Tortosa.

The museum project has also been designed to be a technological vanguard. The space will work autonomously thanks to home automation and the route is marked by virtual stations that promote an immersive experience.

The total budget of the action Tortosa Level_0 ascends to 3.378.96,22€, VAT included. Of this amount, the European Union participates contributing 1.286.894,69€ with the ERDF OP 2014/2020 Axis-6. In addition, the operation also has 470.309,91€ subsidized by Generalitat de Catalunya through PINCAT program. Finally, the municipal contribution is 1.621.758,62€ representing 48% of the action’s total budget.

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