The Bítem-Tortosa canoe route is one of the best options, if you want to compress in an activity of one hour excitement, adventure and landscape. A fun tour that will allow you to know a wonderful piece of the Ebro and some corners that, at times, will transport you to virgin rivers located on other continents.
A journey of less than 7 km, leaving from the Bítem jetty and arriving at the Tortosa jetty, where you will find three completely virgin islands and navigating its galachos you will discover that the Ebro hides treasures of incalculable landscape value.
A tremendous end, entering Tortosa with the vision of the city from the river is an unforgettable picture. How beautiful Tortosa is and how beautiful it must be for the eyes of the llaguters and the shopkeepers who came down from above.
Tortosa, millenary capital of Terres de l'Ebre, or that we were a whole day we could visit and contemplate all the monumental jewels that hides us: the Cathedral, palaces and mansions, paintings and altarpieces, chapels and convents, cloisters, churches, fish markets , portals and gardens ... It would be done at night, and also during the day, going around, imagining and dreaming like Tortosa was.