Tortosa, with friends

Engaging in the art of living

An ideal getaway, close by and with much to discover

Tired of the old routine? Too much work? Do you need a few days away from it all with friends? Tortosa offers a wealth of possibilities for a weekend, when the only thing you have to think about is having fun. Are you a wine-lover? Relax and savour the region’s cuisine and wines, or head out for tapas around the city’s restaurants. Are you a culture vulture? The Museum of Tortosa, the Jazz Festival, a play at the auditorium, these are just a few of the ways you can unwind! Are you more of a nature enthusiast? Then the Els Ports Natural Park and the Delta await you!

A weekend in Tortosa

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Ten reasons to visit Tortosa

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Between two natural parks

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Cruise down the Ebro

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Gastronomic experiences

Tastes to savor a region

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Navigate the Ebro


The Ebro is a river made to enjoy!

Aboard the Lo Sirgador lateen sailboat, not only do you have the chance to discover the river from the water, but you will also gain an insight into the history of Tortosa, as well as the option of combining the excursion with other activities on board ideal for sharing good times with friends, such as live music or wine tasting.

If you are more active and would rather do some sport, the river offers various fun experiences for groups of friends, including kayaking. We hope you are in good shape! If you want to take it easier and would rather sit down and marvel at the landscape in your own time, in the Ebro Delta, there are also boat trips around the mouth of the river.


On board the Sirgador, different proposals to cruise down the Ebro

kayaking and canoeing

Arrival in Tortosa is spectacular, suddenly, nature blends in with the city and its characteristic ocher color

Package tour

For those who want it all: navigate the Ebro and then have a good meal

Natural environment

A unique region, with two natural parks
Discover it

Lovers of nature and hiking will find their own special paradise in this region

On your own or with guides who are experts in nature, several companies also offer great packages for group activities.

The scenery along the Via Verda and in the Els Ports and Delta de l’Ebre National Parks gives you the chance to enjoy unrivalled settings of great beauty, while getting fit at the same time. f you prefer hiking, the GR99 is one of the most popular long routes, with the Catalan stretch starting in Mequinenza and winding its way to the furthest point of the Ebro Delta. Hundreds of miles surrounded by spectacular landscapes await you.

Mountain Bike Routes

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Expert guides bring you to the most remote corners

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In 4x4

Experiences to explore Els Ports

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Ebro Delta

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Els Ports Natural Park

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The Via Verda

A fair few kilometres and plenty of unforgettable moments

A fair few kilometres and plenty of unforgettable moments await you if you decide to go on a group bike ride and spend the day with friends on the Via Verda. Along the stretch in the county of Terra Alta, there are many beauty spots and backdrops fit for a movie to be discovered. f you decide to stay in the county of Baix Ebre, there are plenty of great places to be found, such as the old railway station at Benifallet, which was converted into a restaurant. Tortosa and L’Aldea are joined by an age-old road that now has a cycle path. Let’s go!

The Via Verda

From Tortosa to the Val de Zafan, follow the old railway line and enter the region

Rent a bike

The easiest way to do the Green way. Make your route without having to take your home bike

Excursions along the Via Verda

Complete offers to enjoy your trip

The city of three cultures

Revive its history

Christians, Muslims and Jewish

Tortosa és un dels pocs indrets de Catalunya on a l'edat mitjana van conviure les tres grans religions monoteistes

El Call jueu de Tortosa permet fer un recorregut senzill i ideal per fer en petits grups, gaudir d’una passejada tranquil·la i descobrir el portal dels jueus i els espais de la sinagoga, la terrisseria i la carnisseria. Per alguns carrers haureu d’anar en fila índia… ja que no fan més d’un metre d’amplada! Cal dir que els amants de les fotografies o dels selfies en grup també trobaran aquí racons plens d’encant. El castell de la Suda és d’origen àrab i la Tortosa cristiana arriba al seu zenit amb la catedral i els Reials Col·legis.

A day in Tortosa

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The Jewess of Tortosa

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Route of the Jewish Quarter

Explore the footprint of this community

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The key to Catalonia

The walls and fortifications have made it impregnable, or almost

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The city of the Renaissance

The period of splendor

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We suggest you

Guided tours

Get to know all the secrets of the city

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Explore the Ebro

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In Open Air

Cultural, adventure, group activities, for the whole family and, above all, for having fun!

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Character-led tours

The protagonists guide you

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Get organized


A cuisine tied to the land that takes advantage of proximity products, but also open to new trends. In Tortosa you will find market cuisine, but also international and Mediterranean cuisine


Tortosa offers you accommodation of all kinds.Sleep in a castle, cottages surrounded by nature, hotels with all the comforts or apartments in the heart of the old city


Complete your visit with an offer of experiences of all kinds: hiking, guided tours, navigation, ...