There are aspects of the mediaeval history of Tortosa that are still unknown to us. One of these is that of the town's Jewish aljama [ghetto].

The building known as La sinagoga (The Synagogue) at the end of the main street in Remolins, beside the Vimpeçol gate, is a good example of this. The opinions, speculation and suggestions of early 20th-century authors have taken root, spread and helped to shape what is popularly believed.

Archaeology has not ruled it out, but even though there are some remains of the time, archive research, which would be much more reliable in specifying the exact location, does not yield much information.

This house is only one part of what was originally a large building. Owned by the state until 1860, when it was purchased by a private individual, it was then subdivided through inheritances and sales.

There are records from the beginning of the 18th century, when it was a military building, specifically a cavalry barracks, the Prince's or Remolins Barracks.

It is probable that there had previously been a hospital there, the Hospital de Sant Jordi (St. George's Hospital). Its size, layout and location (at a way out of the town, where hospitals were sited) suggest this.


Foto: Enric (Wikipedia)