The Grego house, also known as the Casa Fontanet, is in fact the most typically Art Nouveau building in Tortosa, designed by municipal architect Monguió. It is a superb corner house on the Plaça de la Cinta, next to the Portal del Romeu, which, as if its architecture were not enough, gives it added charm. An Art Nouveau building in front of a Baroque portal and close to a mediaeval arch... Could one ask any more?

In this case the author avoids the geometrical ornamentation, tiles and brick that are so prominent in other buildings by him, opting for a freer composition dominated by curves. The dynamic top of the façade with its mouldings, the continuous balconies and the windows and other openings in different shapes provide a background on which glass, wood, metal and sgraffito work compete for attention.

The finishing touch is the three-storey wood and glass enclosed balcony on the corner.