It is the only municipality of Tortosa located on the right bank of the Ebro. It is located, approximately, one km from the urban center of Jesus, on the Cervera Valley and near the famous Molins d'en Comte. The current religious building, rectangular in shape, is a new work, from the XIX-XX centuries. He was preceded by a Gothic hermitage, from the fourteenth century, facing east, from which no remains have reached us.

Annually the pilgrimage is celebrated in honor of the saint, the closest Saturday to his dyad. It consists in a concentration of horses, tractors and carriages in the square of the courtyard of the Immaculate and then, it goes to the hermitage by the well-known route of Sant Bernabé. The walk runs between terraces of olive trees and carob trees, until they arrive to the chapel, flanked by a row of cypress trees and a workbench. After the mass, there is a sale of midas and a popular baldanada.

The old place-name of Sant Gregori dels Molins is explained because, next to it, the mills (molins in catalan) were erected by the Count of Barcelona Berenguer IV, after the conquest of Tortosa. Despite the poor state of conservation, this medieval ensemble stands out at the Catalan level.

Photo: Emd Jesús