Roquetes Observatory and d’en Corder Tower. Family route

Family route for kids of 9 years or older. The former Tortosa slaughterhouse is the starting and end point of the route and it is about 16 km.
Leave the slaughterhouse, search for the red bridge and take the Greenway. When entering Roquetes, turn left and go close to the Ebro Observatory. Check out the calendar of guided visits. Book in advance by calling 977 500 511.

Go back to the Greenway and get past near the del Prior tower – on the right - and d'en Corder tower – on the left-. Going a little bit further, leave the Greenway on the right and go parallel on the left side of the channel.
Ride on the sidewalk of the channel for about 4 km. Ride with caution not to fall into the water. You better ride on the left side of the road that is further from the water.
When you reach Jesús, take the road on the left that leads you to the river jetty. This place offers incredible views of Tortosa.

Go back where you were and follow the sidewalk parallel to the C-12 until about 500 meters ahead. From here, turn left on Comerç Street, which will continue until the second intersection. Once here, search for the sidewalk of the side of the river. Follow the river walk until you reach the red bridge. Cross this bridge to go back to the starting point.