Route from Tortosa to Amposta – route paths- Family route.

Family route for children of 12 years and over. A route practically flat. Facing the wind is the hardest thing. Take extra precautions when riding on both sides of the channel. The former Tortosa slaughterhouse is the starting and end point of the route and it is about 35 km.
Leave the Pont Roig (Red Bridge), take the Ebro's Natural Path to Campredó. Follow the bike trail on the camí del Mig, la bòbila d'Anguera, Campredó or Font del Quinto. Once you get at Font del Quinto neighborhood go to Font del Quinto tower. Stunning views over the river and over the Carrova tower. This tower is on the other side of the river.
Keep going forward and leave the bike path to continue on the other side of the channel until the Pont Penjat (Suspension Bridge) in Amposta. Next, continue on by entering Amposta through this curious bridge.


Take the street to Tortosa towards the Grau district and head towards la Carrova.
In front of the gas station, turn right and enter the canal road crossing the bridge.
Go to the left on this paved road that and keep going for a few kilometers.
Cross the main road to get to The Carrova Tower – on your left hand side.
Go up the old Carrova road or over the side of the channel. 50 meters later and enter again over the side of the channel. This dirt road goes up to Vinallop. Be cautious while riding by the right side of the channel.



Get past Vinallop and continue on the side of the channel until you reach the C-12. Be cautious while turning left and go about 50 meters down this road climbing the bridge.
Turn right to continue on the Mig road until you get to the Raval de Crist and go straight to the Greenway. Leave the road climbing some stairs and along a path you will reach the Greenway after crossing a paved road.
Turn right to the Pont Roig (Red Bridge) and after crossing the bridge, go back to the starting point.