Tour around Campredó. Family route. Secondary roads route
The former Tortosa slaughterhouse is the starting and end point of the route.
In the first part of the route follow the Ebro Nature Trail (GR-99) to Campredó. Past Font del Quinto, 1 km ahead get closed to the Font del Quinto tower. Beautiful spot with magnificent views over the Ebro River.
Go back to the Ebro Nature Trail (GR-99) and follow this trail for 3 km. Keep going straight in search of the road that goes parallel to C-42. Once there, go to Campredó and keep going on by the industrial estate and avoid crossing the railway.

Past l'Ardiaca restaurant and follow La Petja road to Tortosa. Route for families with children of 11 year and over who are used to cycle.
Recommended route for families with children over 10 years of age who are used to cycle.