Orchards surrounding Tortosa. Family route

Tour around Jesús, Roquetes and Tortosa orchards. Family route.
The former Tortosa slaughterhouse is the starting and end point of the route and it is about  17 km.
Family route for children of 7 years and over.
Some sections of the road pass through streets but you will use bike lanes and slow traffic lines wherever possible. There is a section that goes parallel to the channel. It is recommended to use the lane further to the water. Be very careful when you ride here.

Leave the former Tortosa slaughterhouse and go to Jesús crossing Lo Pont (the bridge). Go down the sidewalk until you get to the traffic light. Enter Jesús and head to the Greenway.
Once you get to the Jesús picnic area head to Roquetes and cross the pont Roig (Red Bridge). Follow the Ebro Nature Trail (GR-99). After 4 km, go back by the side of the Canal de l'Esquerra (left side of the channel). Ride with caution. After 1 km take the bike lane that leads you to the river bank. Once there continue to the starting point.