The 'Big' or 'Round' Tower, also known as the Cèlio tower, is located beside the watercourse of the same name, at the northern end of the old walls, just on the edge of the town, in the Remolins neighbourhood. It must have been built on a circular floor plan and impressive in appearance, if its nicknames are to be believed. It reinforces the point where the crenellated 14th-century wall running up towards the hill with the bastions known as Les Avançades del Castell meets the stretch of wall, still visible, that led to the Vimpeçol gate and then towards the river. Like the other gates from the same century, such as those of La Bassa and L'Oliver, its design and construction are typical of the late 14th century.

This tower, which was recently restored and can now be visited, offers a fine view of this part of the old town, where all the most important heritage sites in the northern part of the town can be seen. From its location, going to the river, there is the base of the town walls from the 14th century.