The Ebro: the great river

The river has defined the appearance of the territory and the character of its people

The river Ebro and river navigation have been chosen by popular vote as one of the 7 Treasures of the Cultural Heritage of Tortosa, in the context of the celebration Tortosa Capital of Catalan Culture in 2021.

Tortosa is synonymous with the Ebro, and the river is the city’s main protagonist. The calm, mirror-like waters of the river pass through Tortosa, and Tortosins only have to catch a glimpse of it, or recall it, to feel like they’ve come home. The lives of Tortosins are as inextricably linked to the river as a tree is rooted to the soil. Tortosa-born poet Gerard Vergés immortalised this vital link in a poem: “I often think that my childhood had a sweet and secretive whisper of water“.

The Ebro river was a fundamental factor for Tortosa’s first settlers. After some time, it became an important centre of trade and transport of materials. Many goods passed through Tortosa, from where they were transported upstream to the rest of the Iberian Peninsula. The river made Tortosa perfect for both river and land transport, and the city was an important commercial hub during the Middle Ages.

Navigate with the ancient fellucas

The Ebro has therefore witnessed the city’s splendour, but also its hardships. During the Spanish Civil War, the city was divided into two, with the two armies facing each other on either side of the river. Of course, its waters still conceal many mysteries.

Visitors who arrive in Tortosa for the first time are always surprised by the Ebro because of its sheer size, which makes it a must-see for all visitors. Much more than just a landmark, the Ebro is like a living being, just waiting to be discovered and cared for. The river can be contemplated from the city’s bridges and riverside walks, on both of its banks. A wide range of options allow visitors to enjoy it: a ride on the city’s felucca, a canoe or kayak trip, or even fishing.

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