Action under the ERDF Operational Programme 2014/2020 AXIS-6 «Dertosa-Turtuxa-Tortosa: a city, three names and 2000 years»

The House of the Three Cultures has been raised by the need to put the neighborhood of Remolins into value. This is a neighborhood plenty of history where in the Middle Ages were located: the two Jewish Quarters (the old and the new), the Jewish cemetery, the Moorish Quarter and the wall, the gate and the sorrounding towers. Therefore, in this area where the different aljamas of Tortosa were, Jews, Arab and Christian settled and developed very narrow social and cultural relations.

The coexistence of the three cultures that have been deeply rooted in the city such as Arabic, Jewish and Christian since the 10th century becomes a cultural and tourist product that needs to be promoted. It is worth highlighting a historical discourse that is not very well known and is of great importance today, which explains that the city of Tortosa was one of the few places in Catalonia where, during a remarkable period, the three communities were linked.

With the idea of enabling a space where this history can be shown through a permanent exhibition, it has been decided to rebuild one of the antique pavilions of the old Spa «Balneari del Porcar» (19th century) which is located at Jardins del Príncep, in the heart of the old Jewish quarter.

With this intervention, the House of Three Cultures will be open to the public, and visitors will discover through three virtual guides, which represent their respective cultures, the different forms of life that existed in the Middle Ages.

The total budget of the performance is 194,309.50€ VAT included. Of this amount, the European Union participates contributing 80,293.18€ through the ERDF OP 2014/2020 AXIS-6. Furthermore, the operation is also subsidised by Diputació de Tarragona, which allocates 66,892.75€ through the PAM. Finally, the municipal contribution is 47,123.57€ which represents 24.3% of the total budget.

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