Action under the ERDF Operational Programme 2014/2020 AXIS-6 «Dertosa-Turtuxa-Tortosa: a city, three names and 2000 years»

The action The Walk of the Cultures wihtin the ERDF operation has been aimed to recover and value a privileged historic environment, which was in an advanced state of degradation.

The overall objective of the intervention has been link up and allow continuity between the neighbourhood of the castle and the district of Remolins, giving urban and landscape value to the area. This has allowed pedestrians to circulate along a promenade that connects the city’s main tourist and cultural assets. Thus, the cathedral, the Suda castle and the walls, the Jewish quarter, the Royal colleges and Prince’s gardens are interconnected, favoring the mobility of citizens and those who visit Tortosa.

The result has been a walk that traces the morphology of the wall following the old Passeig de Ronda that allows you to observe la Suda castle from a privileged perspective. In addition to the historical importance of the site, an artistic value has been added by introducing fifteen figures by the Ebre artist Ignasi Blanch, which guide the visitor through the pysical journey of the Walk, as well as through the history of the city.

The total budget for the action The Walkint of Cultures rises to 741.710,60€ VAT included. Of this amount, the European Union participates contributing 306,491.99€ with the ERDF OP 2014/2020 AXIS-6. Moreover, the action also includes subsidies from Generalitat de Catalunya, with 308.253,75€ granted by the Tourist Development Plan in 2018, and Diputació de Tarragona, which has allocated 94.042,50€ through the PAM. Finally, the municipal contribution is 32.922,27€ which represents 4.4% of the total budget.

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