The Walking Tour of Cultures is an artistic installation by Ignasi Blanch that invites you to take a tour around the history of Tortosa through its most illustrious characters. Located in the middle of the old town and following the old wall's footpath, the route connects the Jewish Quarter and the Prince’s Gardens with the Cathedral’s apse and the Castle of la Suda.

An strategic location to admire the castle defenses while discovering fifteen figures representing relevant facts of the city history, from its origins to the 20th century. You will find such characters like Porcia Eufròsina, a Roman matron; Menahem Ben Saruq, author of the first public lexicon written in Hebrew; or Cristòfol Despuig, reference writer of the Renaissance in Catalonia with its “Col·loquis de la insignie ciutat de Tortosa”; and doctor Jaume Ferran i Clua, discoverer of the cholera vaccine.

Combining art and history, dialogue and discovery, the Walking Tour of Cultures is a quiet and original way to discover the former times of the city, while enjoying the outdoors and unique views of Tortosa and its main monuments.

The Walking Tour of Cultures is an action funded in the framework of the Dertosa-Turtuxa-Tortosa operation: a city, three names and 2000 years, OP FEDER 2014/2020-AXIS 6, Contribute to the conservation of the environment and heritage cultural and subsidized with the Plan for the Territorial Promotion of Tourism in Catalonia 2018.