Located next to the Mas de la Missa, is one of the best exponents of the defensive architecture of the lower course of the Ebro. Prismatic construction and quadrangular section, measures 8,320 m by 6 m of base, by 11 m in height. It is linked to the estates that the Temple possessed in the southeast of Tortosa and rises on a hill of the fluvial slope of the Serra de les Veles. Built in the fourteenth century and Gothic, with the twin towers of Carrova and Sant Onofre, it guarded the entrance estuary to Tortosa and offered security and defense to the inhabitants of the Campredó meadows. It was accessed through the postern, on the first floor, and the floors were connected by trapdoors. An old fireplace, on the third level, reveals the noble floor. Tradition says that formerly it was attached to the tower of the Carrova by an ingenuity with chains that prevented the fluvial navigation.

The graffiti that the tower conserves speak of the refugees of the republican troops during the battle of the Ebro. Together with the Prat house, it became the property of the Ajuntament de Tortosa in 2000 and on September 17, 2007 the subsidy was made public to restore them.