Discover the exciting history of a two-thousand-year-old city. Tortosa Cota 0 is a 1,500-year journey, from Rome to the Renaissance, which is why it has been the heart of Tortosa since its origins and which will allow us to learn about the urban evolution of this space over the centuries and all the functions that have been developed there.

Opened in 2022, Tortosa Cota 0 houses the archaeological remains found under the old houses in front of the cathedral and presents, through 3D and audiovisual reconstructions, the main buildings that have been found there. It is a heritage complex of high value that allows you to discover the footprint in the history of the city, of the Romans (Dertosa), Visigoths, Andalusians (Turtuxa) and medieval and Renaissance Christians.

A visit for all audiences that becomes an essential place to get to know Tortosa better and delve into its fascinating history.

Tortosa Cota 0 is an action within the framework of the operation Dertosa-Turtuxa-Tortosa: one city, three names and 2000 years, PO FEDER 2014/2020-AXIS 6, contributing to the conservation of the environment and cultural heritage.