La Plana*: Santa Bárbara, La Sénia and Mas de Barberans

Circular route and about 3 hours. This route is heavily used by local cyclist. The first 40 km increases with a gentle and constant positive slope. You go down smoothly the rest of the route. The former Tortosa slaughterhouse is the starting and end point of the route and it is about 70 km.
Leave Tortosa crossing the Pont del Bimil·lenari (Bimillennial Bridge) and take C-12 route searching for Vinallop. In the Vinallop roundabout turn right and search for Santa Bàrbara. From this moment on, always all the way up. Go past Santa Bàrbara and head to La Sénia.

Once you get to La Sénia, continue on the right looking for Mas de Barberans. From now on, the road falls gently until Raval de Crist. Cross the Pont del Bimil·lenari (Bimillennial Bridge) and get to Tortosa.
*Inland part of the Montsià region that includes the following villages: Masdenverge, Santa Bàrbara, La Galera, Godall, Ulldecona and Freginals.