Tour to the Cardó-Boix sierra through the Delta Natural Park

This circular route has some climb smooth slopes. The last section is very flat. The former Tortosa slaughterhouse is the starting and end point of the route and it is about 105 km.
Leave Tortosa and head for Bítem and Tivenys. There begins the Coll de Som. 3 km ascent. Go back down to Benifallet. From Benifallet take C-12 road that goes up and down until you reach Rasquera.
From Rasquera take the road to go to el Perelló towards l'Ampolla.
Once in l'Ampolla, search for Arenal beach and the road to Deltebre that passes through the rice fields. In Detelbre, cross Lo Passador Bridge and take Sant Jaume d’Enveja bypass to go to Amposta upstream.

Cross Amposta and take the road to Tortosa. By la Torre de la Carrova take the parallel road that goes right – the road less traveled – re-entering the road a few kilometers further on.
Go to Vinallop and Tortosa crossing the pont del Bimil·lenari (Bimilennial bridge) and entering through the lower part of the city.