Ports (Mountain passes)

This circular route goes through three mountain ports.
A 200 km route and 3,800 meters of unevenness. A very physically demanding route that will test your form. Ascents up to three mountain passes: Bel, Fredes and Caro.
The former Tortosa slaughterhouse is the starting and end point of the route.
Leave Tortosa going across the Pont del Bimil·lenari (Bimillenary bridge) and go in search of Vinallop for the C-12. On the Vinallop roundabout, turn left to enter the town and go towards Santa Bárbara. Go past Santa Bàrbara and take the road to La Galera until you reach the La Sénia. From La Sénia, head to El Rossell. Once there, take the ascent to the Bel mountain pass. First Mountain pass of the day. The slope is continuous but smooth.


Get to the town and go back down to El Rossell and La Sénia. Once in La Sénia go on towards the main street that crosses this village to head to the road that goes up to La Pobla de Benifassà and Fredes. The first part of the route is quite flat but when you pass by Molí l’Abad campsite you will see the first tough ramps up to Ulldecona reservoir. Once you go past this reservoir, the first 2 km are flat but then goes up for 14 km until it gets to Fredes mountain pass. Second Mountain pass of the day.
Once in the Fredes mountain pass, turn left to go towards El Boixar. Before entering El Boixar, go down to the left in search of El Ballestar and go back to the road that you have climbed before. Go down to the Ulldecona reservoir until you reach La Sénia. After crossing the town, turn left to head to Mas de Barberans. Some sections of the road go up and down. From Mas de Barberans this road goes down to the Raval de Crist.

Once here, head to Roquetes and then to Els Reguers. Ride 4 km after leaving Roquetes and you will find a detour to go up to Caro and turn left.
This first part of the route goes up little by little until you reach the base of the mountain. The last 15 km climb start here. The climb has some tough ramps – steep more than 10% ramps. There are signs on the road that indicate distances in kilometers and also the average of each kilometer. During the climb we pass by the Font del Cargol, the monument to the wild goat or El Portell before facing the last kilometers to the top. Stunning views here and we are done with the climbs. Now you only have to go down to Roquetes and Tortosa and the route will be completed.