Around Els Ports by Morella

Around Els Ports by Santa Bárbara, La Galera, Sant Rafel del Riu, Traiguera, Morella, Valderrobres, Cretes, Lledó, Bot, Prat de Comte and Tortosa.
Road bike long tour. The road is longer than the other one that goes around Els Ports and it is about 220 km. This road accumulates many meters of positive unevenness. The road goes down some secondary roads and goes along interesting places. It is a culture and sports route. Visit the towns and places you pass through. You have an option to choose between a 1 day and a 2 day route due to the length. Go up to Morella going through La Sénia, El Rossell and Vallibona so you will avoid N-232.

Leave Tortosa to the pont Roig (Red bridge) to cross to Vinallop. Before entering Vinallop, turn right on the former road that goes from Tortosa to La Galera (former Via Augusta). Enter La Galera and continue towards La Miliana and then towards El Castell. Cross the Sénia River and enter Sant Rafel del Riu and then Traiguera. A few kilometers before reaching Traiguera get close to the millenary olive trees and go back to the road. Past Traiguera and turn right on the road N-232. Taking this road you will go to the Port de Querol (Querol Pass). It is a 30 km continuously climbing path. Pass by La Jana, Xert and Vallibona before surmounting the Querol Pass. From here we start to go down to Morella. Get close to Morella and from here we start from Torremiró for some kilometers. Past Torremiró, head to Herbés, Peñarroya de Tastavins and Fuentespalda before reaching Valderrobres.

Leave to Tortosa and 7 km ahead turn off to Cretes, Lledó and Arenys de Lledó. Continue in the direction of Bot and before entering this town, turn right to go up Bot sierra on the Els Espills road.
It is a 10 km very gentle slope. Then go down to Prat de Comte. Continue going down and once you have passed 4 km, turn left to Pinell de Brai. Before reaching El Pinell de Brai turn right to go down C-12. Go to the left and once you have passed the pont Lo Llaguter (Lo Llaguter Bridge) enter on the right to Benifallet. Head to Coll de Som. 150 meters of positive unevenness and 4 km.
Stunning views of the Ebro Valley from the top. After going down continue on the road to Tortosa. Go through Tivenys and Bítem. This section goes flat for 14 km until you get to Tortosa.