The ebro's light

Mapping on the façade of the Cathedral
Action under the ERDF Operational Programme 2014/2020 AXIS-6 «Dertosa-Turtuxa-Tortosa: a city, three names and 2000 years»

The audiovisual Mapping “The Ebro’s light” has been devised as the highlight of the whole ERDF OP «Dertosa-Turtuxa-Tortosa: a city, three names and 2000 years».

The Mapping is responsible for connecting the two most important elements of the city: the river and its river front; the city and its natural heart. Tortosa has seen many peoples and cultures passed through its streets and the Ebre has witnessed all the changes and transformations that have taken place.

Taking this idea, «The Ebro’s Light» will be a large scale audivisual projection explaining the evolution of the city and its inhabitants during its 2.000 years of existence. Using the baroque façade of the Cathedral as a canvas, the mappins will last approximately 10 minutes and will combine colors, light, music and sound effects to offer the public a captivating spectacle, which will be vanguard and unique in the territory. In this way, technology becomes the conection point between architectural and nature heritage and can be converted into an attractive claim for the destination.

The total budget of the action ascends to 355.776,30€, VAT included. Of this amount, the European Union participates contributing with 147.015,00€ with the ERDF OP 2014/2020 AXIS-6. The municipal contribution is 208.761,30€ which represents the 58.7% of the total of the budget.

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